Meditation at work

Looking to bring meditation to your workplace? We know there are tons of corporate programs out here. So why choose us?

Our instructors are from the corporate world. We’ve navigated reorganizations, layoffs, recessions, and changes in management. We understand the impact of stress & anxiety on workplace well-being, the effects of work stress on family life, and the cost of staff

We use real-world examples and teach techniques that your staff can apply NOW, while building lifetime resilience. And we keep it fun and challenging, with time for questions and individual follow-up.

Our corporate instructors are subject matter experts and have completed 200-500 hour meditation teacher certifications. They bring experience, professionalism, and enthusiasm to every session.

Contact us and we’ll get to know you & your workplace, design a program that meets your needs, and get the party started.

Keynotes & Conferences

Our teachers are ready to bring some chill to your conference or meeting with an icebreaker session, meditation, or full on workshop.

We bring an engaging energy, relevant content and our talks are chock- full of techniques and information. We love bringing meditation to unexpected places and can go mobile with our outdoor tent setup.