About Our Studio

Our classes & workshops are designed to help you build, stabilize, and grow your meditation practice…so what does it look like to be a student here?

We recommend you attend class 1-2 times a week. You’ll learn meditation techniques & the science behind them, our teachers help you work with obstacles to your practice, and we meditate together. You will hear other students share their meditation experiences and learn from them. Get some inspiration by plugging into the “Mother Ship” of our community and the enthusiasm and expertise of our teachers.

Our core mission is to help you establish your practice, create a simple space at home, commit to a routine that is sustainable — and go for it. Our teachers will help you design a plan that works for you…but you get to do the meditating.

Our memberships support class attendance weekly to keep exploring meditation lessons to inspire and grow your practice. The studio is your “Flight Simulator.” You learn your skills here, but you are practicing them all the time on & off your home cushion.

You know the joke…how do you get to Carnegie Hall? PRACTICE! As much as we’d like to “hurry up and learn to meditate!” this is one skill that rushing doesn’t help. Our studio program is designed for you to plug into our knowledge – wherever you are in life right now – build your skills and enjoy your practice.

We host a full schedule of classes & workshops to help you grow your practice at your own pace and we support you every step of the way.

Our intention is to meet you where you are and help you establish a meditation practice that works for you and your lifestyle. As your practice grows, we’ll grow with you.

We know that going to a meditation studio can be intimidating. What if you are not doing it right? What if you fall asleep? What if everyone else seems to be “in the know” and you aren’t?

Our space and our teachers welcome you from the moment you arrive, help you get settled, and invite you to leave hesitation at the door. We keep things simple and fun, so that you look forward to your practice and your class time. We learn together meditating in the studio…and inspire take your practice into your home and into your life.

All of our teachers are highly skilled, meditate regularly, and share insights and struggles from their own practice sessions. Every teacher has completed an extensive meditation teacher certification program and participates in regular ongoing education & workshops.

The first question in any teacher meeting, phone call or text is “How’s your practice?”

Meditation for Regular People is located at SE 17th & SE Umatilla in the Sellwood neighborhood. We have plenty of off-street parking and our building is ADA compliant.

Our studio provides a comfortable space for developing your meditation practice, meeting others in our community, and exploring your own “inner space”. One of your first questions might be “Do I have to sit on the floor?” We offer a variety of options including comfy floor cushions and a lots of pillows so you can figure out what works. We also have a few chair options for those who want more support. Our teachers will find an option that works best for your and your practice.

We offer single-class rates, flexible memberships, and most of all…a friendly, approachable place to take the mystery out of meditation.

The studio is also available to host private meditation classes or your own event.