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Melissa Mattern

Melissa Mattern

Owner | Meditation Teacher

I’m a regular person who meditates every day.

As a meditation teacher, I’ll meet you where you are in life and together we’ll develop a meditation practice that works for you.

Comfort and sustainability are key, and my style is using real life examples of how to bring more chill into your life through meditation and just taking a few minutes to think before you act.

I believe that happiness and mindfulness can be easy to learn and even easier to maintain when you keep it real.

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Jeff Gamer

Jeff Gamer

Meditation Teacher

Jeff Gamer brings compassion, science, athletic performance, and humor to meditation. For most of his life, he found his happiness any time he was in motion…preferably outside. Rock climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and long-distance hiking kept him outside and exploring. He’s a math geek and engineer and thinking outside the box is his super power.

Jeff’s life took a sudden turn in 2008 when his wife passed suddenly. The loss of his climbing, hiking, skiing and life partner left a huge hole in his life and heart. Jeff turned inward to make sense of this change. He shepherded many through their grief, while healing his own heart. When his next phase of life presented him with new challenges he found that his usual tools of “getting outside” weren’t quite cutting it.

He began formal meditation instruction in 2013 with davidji, and has gone on to study with Don Miguel Ruiz, Joe Dispenza, Rameshwar Das, and of course, his wife Melissa. Jeff explores mindfulness and meditation with a curious mind and an open heart, while keeping things authentic and approachable. He brings Ninja-like competitive edge to sports meditation and as a former NCAA Tennis Champion, he understands and demonstrates the “winning mind” of an athlete.

When he’s not meditating you’ll find him outside hiking, golfing, climbing or paddle boarding…and he won’t be far from a book!

Jeanne Schultz

Jeanne Schultz

Mixed Media Artist

Jeanne is a native of Kansas City, Missouri and graduate of the University of Avila of Kansas City with a Degree in Art Therapy. She began as a free-lance Art Therapist working with a variety of clients of all ages until she returned to school to earn her M.Ed., in Learning Disabilities from The University of Missouri-Columbia. She taught as a special education teacher for 21 years before retiring in 2014.

Throughout her teaching career, Jeanne always found ways to bring creativity and artistic expression into her classrooms, especially because many of her students with disabilities were able to communicate and learn better in a visual manner. In addition, Jeanne has taught mixed media and scrapbook classes throughout her teaching career on evenings and weekends.

Jeanne is also a trained vegan chef. and ran whole food plant-based cooking workshops and classes in the Portland Metro area from 2014-2017. She continues to teach plant-based cooking classes to smaller private groups and enjoys volunteering with animal advocacy groups in Portland.

Jeanne’s mixed media creations have begun to incorporate more and more recycled, up-cycled, vintage ephemera, and reclaimed materials that were destined for landfills. Her interests turned toward more functional kinds of art and projects-turning cast-aways into useful household items or visually pleasing items to display.

Jeanne lives in Gresham, Oregon with her husband and fur baby, Coco.


Join us at Meditation for Regular People

Join us at Meditation for Regular People


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