Interested in starting to meditate or learning more about meditation?

Not sure if you are doing it “right”?

Want to meet other people who are looking for more chill?

In each session I teach a meditation technique, a chill tip, and we will meditate together. Come join us for some group chill and fun with regular people!  You will create some space in your life for new experiences and some space between thoughts for more happiness.

About Your Teacher

The “short” version . . .

Melissa Mattern is a regular person who meditates every day.

As a meditation teacher, she meets you where you are in life and together you develop a meditation practice that works for you.

Comfort and sustainability are key, and her style is using real life examples of how to bring more chill into your life through meditation and just taking a few minutes to think before you act.

She believes that happiness and mindfulness can be easy to learn and even easier to maintain when you keep it real.

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We are conveniently located at 8236 SE 17th Avenue, Portland OR 97202

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